Estate Planning

Teeples Law: Estate Planning

I am often called for urgent assistance involving someone who is near death and has no will, trust or financial and medical powers of attorney. I have witnessed the sad aftermath of when both parents have died in an automobile accident without having designated a guardian or established a plan for the continued care of their minor children. I have seen where a minor child has gone bankrupt in his early 20’s due to lack of mentoring after receiving his deceased parents’ inheritance at age 18 years through the probate court. More and more I am counseling widows whose husbands have passed away without having their affairs in order, thereby compounding the family’s trauma.

Don’t let this be your legacy. Plan for your children. Plan for your spouse. Protect your assets from your creditors and from the creditors of your heirs. Don’t let a probate judge make the decisions about your family and financial affairs which you could have made for yourself. As a client recently said when he called me on behalf of a desperate spouse whose husband laid on his deathbed without an estate plan: “We have no guarantee whether we will be alive in ten minutes.” Don’t let this be you. Your surviving loved ones deserve better.