Firm Overview

Introduction and Legal Philosophy

Teeples Law focuses its legal practice on business, real estate, employment, estate planning and mediation services. It’s founding attorney, John Teeples, believes that the law should be utilized as a tool for saving money and for bringing practical, cost efficient and amicable solutions to personal and business life.

We provide individuals and private and public sector clients with advice and counseling on such matters as business ownership, structure, management, operations and succession planning; real estate; environmental law, employment and estate planning. John Teeples is also certified by the State Court Administrative Office as a General Civil Mediator of legal, business and personal disputes. We serve with legal opinions and advice on issues within our areas of practice and select or recommend other highly qualified counsel for matters outside our areas of experience (such as patents). This better ensures that our clients receive the best possible representation, as we are not limited to whatever talents may reside in any one law firm, and that our clients receive only trusted, competent and cost efficient legal advice and service.

We are committed to providing sophisticated, efficient and responsive legal services using advanced information technology. Our state-of-the-art imaging and retrieval systems stores and indexes in our computer databases all work-product and correspondence, including regular and electronic mail and facsimiles, for instant retrieval. This allows effective and efficient counsel with quick turn-around time and immediate access to entire client files from laptop computers wherever we work.